Why Mobile Advertising Will Make All Other Advertising Mediums Obsolete

Why Mobile Advertising Will Make All Other Advertising Mediums Obsolete
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From 700 million smartphone users in 2020 to around 1 billion smartphone users in 2025; advertisers have got huge potential with smartphones. Customers are now constantly connected and hooked with their smartphones.

Here is how.

While the majority of sectors were facing the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, digital advertising in India saw a 15.3% surge in growth. This was even better than the performance globally which had recorded a nearly 12% growth in the year. 

The mobile advertising budget accounts for nearly 45-55% of the total digital advertising budget in India. And it is expected to grow to around 65-70% by next year.

The largest spenders on mobile marketing are FMCG, retail, e-commerce, BFSI, and auto, among others, in the country.

Here, the interesting thing worth noting is that the above-mentioned sectors were earlier dependent primarily on traditional advertising mediums including television, radio, and newspapers among others and now they have opted for complete digital transformation

Why such a paradigm shift?

Smartphones have become more technologically advanced. They have become capable of not just accommodating more applications and features but also more complex functionalities and capabilities.

You can now do almost anything on smartphones. It now offers mobile browsing, social media fiddling, in-app formats including in-video to in-gaming, OTT streaming, eCommerce, native and programmatic advertising among others.

There are now numerous ways to target end-customers on a mobile phone and reap desired benefits for the business.

Advertisers are now leveraging user profiling on the basis of device types, demographics, location, income groups, and past digital usage patterns, among many others.

Mobile advertising has now evolved into a sharper, more personalized, more accurate, and precise targeting for advertisers.

A typical desktop advertising can never match the efficiency of mobile advertising. What are your thoughts? 

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