Data-driven businesses are more likely to make smarter decisions and succeed in the future. We can help you understand heaps of complex data in a simple manner. Our analytics solutions are immersive and interactive to help you make business-critical decisions in a more informed manner.

Customer Sentiment Analytics

  • Identify and resolve customer touchpoints resulting in high customer effort driving poor experience
  • Identify ways to reduce customer churn and increase loyalty by leveraging NLP based methodologies
  • Move from guesstimates to estimates

ZMOT driven Customer/Market Segmentation

Identify customers buying patterns based on their

  • Demography
  • Behavior
  • Geography
  • History

Churn Analytics

Churn Analytics refers to the actions and strategies a business uses to try and keep existing customers. Helps to:

  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Identify ripe opportunities to upsell/cross sell (Revenue Maximization)

Conversational Analytics

Mine Omni Channel data to derive customer insights to design:

  • Customer Experience Strategies
  • Integration of conversational data with other data stream for deriving 360-degree insights

BI Services

Design and develop enterprise-wide BI solution and strategy and modernize your existing BI Tools
Integration of third-party solutions like Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Cognos and more
Data Visualization services
Data warehousing & ETL services

Machine Learning Expertise

Adopt state-of-the-art practices and elevate your product or service among your rivals. By leveraging complex statistical methods and expertise in a range of ML algorithms and models

  • Predictive Analytics: Eliminate guesswork and learn how your organization, customers, or the whole industry can leverage state of the art predictive methods to identify quick wins
  • Recommender System: Grow conversions by leveraging recommender systems specifically designed based on your customer data to deliver relevant content
  • Timeseries Forecasting: Find patterns in your historical data to predict trends and seasonal cycles. Forecast demand for your products, adjust your strategy or pricing, predict prices for competitors
  • NLP: Analyze behavior, find data patterns, build a customer segmentation model to allow better targeting, personalization, and overall customer experience

Why chose us

We value your trust and ensure that every penny you spend is directly proportional to the result we bring with the right set of traffic, leads and brand visibility. Digital MarkEthics promises:

Ethical Approach

Result Driven Campaigns

Streamlined Processes

Complete Transparency

Innovative Thinking

Customer-centric Approach

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