The Role of Data Security in Digital MarkEthics to Maintain Client Confidentiality

The Role of Data Security in Digital MarkEthics to Maintain Client Confidentiality
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When any company associates with another company or vendor; it is not only about profit that one should consider. It is because while doing business, every company has to share confidential and sensitive data to execute certain operations.

Now here comes the most complex issue – the security and confidentiality of the data.

A strict code of confidentiality should be practiced because failure to protect data may lead to loss of business, reputation, and trust of clients along with financial damage. It also unlocks the risk of fraud as well.

Digital MarkEthics, as a part of this vulnerable IT industry, commits to staying one step ahead when it comes to data security and client confidentiality. We know how things can go south if we are not vigilant about it.

How do we ensure confidentiality within our DME Family?

As a member of the DME family, every employee has to sign an NDA where it is clearly mentioned that they cannot share confidential information of the company like data with anyone outside of the organization. Everyone is responsible enough to maintain all ethical practices.

All the data is preserved on the main server and every folder is protected with a password. All the passwords are updated frequently to prevent any misuse of data. We have implemented a strong data management strategy to ensure robust security.

When any employee leaves the company; we take the handover of all the files and data. We maintain an ethical and secure transition method where we change all the related credentials to keep the accounts safe for the future.
For more sensitive data like website credentials; we limit access to very few people who actually work directly to maintain the website.

For paid campaign projects, we also restricted data access to a limited number of people. We understand how vulnerable this information is and as a company how alert we have to stay.

We also take extra measures to protect the social media accounts of our clients. We understand how important it is to keep all social media platforms safe from any misuse.

Finally, we can say that though we take all the technical measures to protect the data; the human factor is the most important vulnerability in the data protection chain. We inform every employee regarding compliance regulations along with best security practices. We provide training and clear guidelines regarding our guidelines for the most sensitive data type.

At DME every Markethian is aware of his/her duty and responsibility. Here we adapt the robust security plan to ensure the best practices.

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