Strategic Digital Marketing: A Walk-Through

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Digital Marketing is no longer an option for businesses. Instead, it has become a mandatory step in writing the success story. When everyone has a mobile phone in their hands and access to their email and social media accounts at a single touch, businesses must think about reaching their customers with the right strategy.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?

It is a plan to achieve business-related goals by marketing the services on digital platforms. Businesses understand that digital marketing is crucial, but they don’t understand that they need a strategy to make it successful. Without a strategy, digital marketing is like shooting an arrow blindly in the air and hoping for a miracle.
Thus, a digital marketing strategy must be in place for launching a successful marketing campaign.
Tools At Your Disposal
Get your tools ready before you dive headfirst into crafting a digital marketing strategy. For example, what technologies can you use, whether you will use all the marketing channels, the budget, etc.
The technologies available today are-

  • Mobile apps
  • Social media websites
  • Company websites
  • Email
  • Advertising
  • Search Engines
  • Digital partnerships

Not all of these are free. Some are paid, some are owned, and some can be used free of cost. However, digital marketing can bring you the desired results when integrated with traditional marketing channels.

What Is The Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

There is nothing like the best digital marketing strategy. Every business is different, be it size, requirement, or customer base. A digital marketing strategy fit for a multinational company wouldn’t work for a local business.
Thus, it takes a different approach to crafting a digital marketing strategy for each business based on the business needs.

Steps For Crafting A Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafting a digital marketing strategy means crafting an itinerary, i.e. the path they will follow to achieve its goals. The important steps in crafting a digital marketing strategy are shared below-

Steps For Crafting A Digital Marketing Strategy

Define A Measurable Goal

When you start your journey, you must have a destination in mind, so that you can decide your path. There must be certain goals in your mind that you wish to achieve from the marketing. It may be increasing sales, reaching out to more customers, making the business name synonym of the underlined service, etc. No matter what your goal is, there must be one. It must be measurable, precise, and achievable.

Evaluate Your Existing Digital Presence

If you are a new business, you won’t have any digital presence. So you must start from scratch. But if you are already in business and have decided to take your digital marketing to the next level, you must look at what you have already achieved and where you wish to go from here.
E.g., you have a website that you never update, you have social media accounts, but the number of followers isn’t increasing, etc. These numbers should be taken into account before moving forward.

Evaluate Your Target Audience

How will you guide the marketing team if you don’t know who you are targeting? First, understand your audience, their demographics, income level, values, likes and dislikes, psychology, etc., so you can craft the marketing strategy accordingly. For example, if you provide child products, your target audience would be their parents; if you provide mobile-related services, your target audience will come from every age group. So, understand your audience and then move forward.

Establish Buyer Personas

Who is going to buy the product? Who should I approach? These are the questions you must ask yourself for building buyer personas. A buyer persona is the ideal profile of a customer who would be interested in your business and who will become a loyal customer if approached in the right manner using the right tools at the right time. Research your target audience, build buyer personas and target them.
Create a narrative, understand what they need, and approach them with it.

Explore The Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

The funnel means a customer’s journey from getting to know you to becoming a loyal customer. The path has several steps you must take one by one to ensure that they don’t go anywhere.
The different steps in a digital marketing funnel are-

Awareness- Reaching out to the new customers and making them know about you. It can be achieved by talking to them in a tone that they understand.

Interest- The audience will be interested in you only if they need the product/service. Once you have targeted them, tell them about you and why you are better than your competitor.

Engage- Once they are interested, try to engage them. Reach out to them via social media and offer them what they need. Make them ask questions and engage them.

Action- Here, call-to-action is the tool that proves to be very helpful. Make a client visit you and purchase. The service or product offered must be top-quality; only then you can retain them.

Create A Content Plan To Get Your Message Right

Suppose you are in a new country in a new place and wish to talk to someone. You need to speak their language to resonate with them and convey your message correctly. The same applies to content marketing. The content must be simple, specific, and it should get the right message to the customer.
In the digital world, the right words are the keywords, and you must use them in the right amount at the right time.
This is where you use all your research. You must prepare a content calendar, create the intent based content, and decide the frequency of sharing it. Also, use automation tools and achieve your content sharing goals.

Evaluate The Results

The real test of a digital marketing strategy is when the results come out. Measure your results against the goals and see if you achieved what you wanted. Use analytics software and analyze where you are doing better than planned, where you are lacking, what could be the reasons, etc. Then, make the necessary changes in the strategy and continue.

Final Words

Crafting a digital marketing strategy is a challenging task. Businesses cannot spare a huge amount of time on it. Thus, it is advised to hire digital marketing and advertising firms. They are experienced and know what exactly to do. They help you with a clear direction and what you need to achieve your goals.
Our team of skilled professionals have been helping brands from different industries for quite a long time now. We take into account your audience and reach them through a step-by-step strategic approach. If you want to achieve your business goals and increase sales, connect with us now. And lastly, thanks for reading!


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