Maximizing ROI in Real Estate: A Realistic Digital Marketing Approach

Case Study for Real Estate struggling to generate sufficient leads and conversions through its Google and Facebook ad campaigns
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A real estate company was struggling to generate sufficient leads and conversions through its Google and Facebook ad campaigns, resulting in slow property sales and limited growth. Problems were:

  • Low click-through rates (CTR)
  • Inadequate reach
  • High cost per click (CPC)

As a result, they got fewer leads and irrelevant calls. So, here are the changes we made:

Google ad campaign:

We optimized the ads and made some changes, they were:

  • Conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant and high-converting keywords specific to the real estate market in Delhi.
  • Optimized ad copy and landing pages with these keywords to improve relevancy and ad quality, attracting users actively looking for properties.
  • Utilized ad extensions such as callouts, site links, and location extensions to provide additional information about property features, amenities, and unique selling points.
  • Optimized ads daily and found negative keywords.
  • Ad Scheduling: Analyzed historical data to identify peak hours and days when users are more likely to search for real estate properties.
  • Spent an amount of Rs.75000 (real estate) for location- Delhi


  • Clicks: 7200- 9250 clicks
  • Conversions: 35- 42 conversions
  • Impressions: 84000- 98000 impressions


Facebook ad campaign:

They were facing the same problems in their Facebook ad campaign. We optimized the campaign and made some changes:

  • Segmented the target audience based on demographics, interests, and real estate-related behaviors to create more personalized and relevant ad campaigns.
  • Created visually appealing ad creatives showcasing high-quality images of properties, floor plans, and virtual tours.
  • Used compelling ad copy to highlight the unique features and benefits of the properties, capturing the attention and interest of the target audience.
  • Utilized custom audience targeting to reach users who have shown interest in real estate, visited the company’s website.
  • Incorporated testimonials from satisfied buyers, positive reviews, and social proof elements in ad creatives or ad copy to build trust and credibility. Highlight the company’s successful projects and customer satisfaction to attract potential buyers.
  • Spent an amount of Rs.62000 (real estate) for location- Delhi.


  • Clicks: 7900- 9850 clicks
  • Conversions: 45- 48 conversions
  • Impressions: 92000- 98200 impressions

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