Innovative CSR Activities By Team Digital MarkEthics

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When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibilities; there are some common cliché images that pop up in our mind. In most places, we rarely see the whole concept executed by the whole team. Even if they do; most of the time; their efforts have not been recognized. 

Just like many other segments, Digital MarkEthics has created a distinguishable approach in CSR activity as well. The company is known for its ethical approach and this vision is reflected in the whole activities executed by the whole team. 

As the company has team members from various parts of India; every member of the DME family stepped forward to take part in various activities which are required for their respective neighborhoods. 

For example, Pankaj Rawat, the team leader of the Digital Marketing Team stays in Uttarakhand. In his neighborhood, there is a Ram Leela Maidan which was filled with garbage and plastic trash. To save nature; he himself took the initiative and clean the ground. 

We are all aware of the air pollution in Delhi NCR. To make a change, the Noida team of DME took initiative in a green plantation drive. The team includes Saurabh, Sugandha and Debarati planted trees in the dividers and road sides. 

Navanita, who stays in Delhi distributed old clothes and chocolates to the underprivileged population in her location. The brimming faces are proof of how satisfied the drive was. 

Similarly, Pranali in Maharashtra and Deepika in Ghaziabad had done food distribution drives among the deprived and unfortunate people in their respective places. Sohan distributed notebooks and pencils to the school-going kids in a village in Bihar.

In this way, every member of the DME family participated to make a change in their locality. Hopefully, we will bring some more positive news like this in near future.

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