Harnessing Social Media for 20% More Leads in 3 Months for a Herbal Brand

Case Study for Herbal Brand Harnessing Social Media for 20% More Leads in 3 Months for a Herbal Brand
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This case study demonstrates how a well-known herbal brand in India achieved significant growth in visibility, website traffic, and lead generation using a strategic advertising strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. The brand was able to grow leads by 20% in just three months by optimizing their budget allocation depending on platform performance.

Client Background:

The herbal brand was a reputable business that provided an extensive range of natural and organic items. They had a solid customer base, but they still wanted to use digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, become more visible online, and produce more qualified leads.

Campaign Objectives:

The objectives for optimizing the respective ad campaigns were as follows: 

  • Enhance brand visibility across India.
  • Drive high-quality traffic to the website.
  • Generate a 20% increase in leads within three months.
  • Optimize advertising budget by focusing on platforms that yield better results.
  • Strategy and Execution.

Comprehensive Social Media Presence:

The brand established a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, creating engaging content that resonated with their target audience. By maintaining an active social media presence, they fostered brand loyalty and nurtured relationships with their followers.

Targeted Advertising on Facebook and Instagram:

Through meticulous audience research, the brand identified key demographics, interests, and behaviors of potential customers. They then utilized Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities to deliver personalized ad content to the most relevant audience segments.

Compelling Ad Creatives:

The brand invested in high-quality visuals and ad copy that emphasized the natural and organic attributes of their products. Utilizing compelling storytelling and social proof, the ads appealed to potential customers seeking natural alternatives for their health and wellness needs.

Performance Monitoring and Budget Optimization:

By closely monitoring the performance of their campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, the brand gained valuable insights into each platform’s effectiveness. They observed that Facebook and Instagram consistently outperformed Google Ads in terms of lead generation.

Budget Reallocation:

With the knowledge that Facebook and Instagram were driving the majority (70%) of their leads, the brand decided to strategically reallocate a larger portion of their advertising budget to these platforms. This shift aimed to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and capitalize on the platforms that yielded the best results.


The budget for the campaign were as follows:

  • Google – 1.8lac – 2 lac (approx.)
  • Facebook- 75k -1 lac (approx.)
  • Instagram- 50k – 65k (approx.)


Within three months of implementing the new advertising strategy, the herbal brand experienced remarkable improvements:

  • 20% Increase in Leads: The brand achieved a significant 20% rise in leads compared to the previous quarter, showcasing the effectiveness of their targeted campaigns.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The Facebook and Instagram advertising efforts greatly improved brand visibility across India, attracting a broader audience and potential customers.
  • Optimized Budget Allocation: By reallocating a higher budget to Facebook and Instagram ads, the brand efficiently utilized their resources, achieving a better ROI and cost-per-lead on these platforms.


Through a data-driven and customer-centric approach to digital advertising, the herbal brand accomplished remarkable success. By focusing on Facebook and Instagram, they not only gained more visibility and website traffic but also generated 20% more leads in just three months. Thus, this case study exemplifies the power of strategic budget allocation and targeted advertising to achieve outstanding results in the competitive herbal products market across India. 

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