Hacks to Improve Click-Through Rates (CTR) on Google Ads

Hacks to Improve Click-Through Rates (CTR) on Google Ads
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Running Google ads can only give ROI if users are clicking on them. If your ads are not generating clicks, Google might stop showing them. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to have a healthy conversion rate and hence, click-through rate is an important metric.

Cut Down Number of Impressions

You can do it by stopping your ads from showing up on phrases that are not relevant to your business. Make it exact or phrase match to lower down the number of impressions.

Add Negative Keywords

You can add negative keywords like your competitor’s name or block phrases that don’t apply to your business.

Target Specific Markets

Ensure targeting only those markets that are serviceable. Check the location and demographic settings carefully.

Create Multiple Ad Groups

Group your ads by similar keywords or phrases to easily monitor their performance. Also when people type in queries, they will be bolded.

Evaluate Keywords

Check out keywords that attract more impressions but lower conversions. You can also improve results by putting ads in the right ad group.

Optimize Ad Rotation

It is recommended by Google to optimize your ads periodically. However, make sure that ads have ample impressions for the algorithm to figure out the best performing ads.

Above mentioned points will help you increase your campaign’s CTR and enhance ROI. Stay tuned for the next post with more tips on Optimizing Google Ad campaigns through strategic approach.

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