From Daring Nostalgia to Humanized Brands, Here Are the Top Branding Trends for 2023.

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Creating a solid and identifiable brand is vital for standing out in your field, whether you are a designer, freelancer, or small business owner. When done correctly, online branding services can provide a fantastic first impression, keep your firm top of mind, and attract potential customers. On the other hand it could be detrimental to your business if done poorly.

What is branding?

Branding can help you advertise your business, enhance your products, keep existing consumers engaged, and attract new ones. Here are some of the main reasons why branding is so important.

  • It distinguishes you from your competitors: Branding is vital for leaving a lasting impression on potential and existing clients as well as distinguishing yourself from competitors in your sector by clarifying your product and unique selling point.
  • It boosts brand value: Your branding is your brand’s personality and the distinctive selling factor that allows what you do to stand out. Your brand should quickly express and explain who you are and what you do. A strong and distinct brand image is vital for developing positive customer relationships and enhancing brand recognition and value.
  • It instills pride in your employees: Strong and unambiguous branding speaks volumes not only to customers but also to employees. Developing a strong brand identity with a clear purpose and strong values provides your employees something to rally around, making them more willing to give their all and promote your brand on their own initiative.
  • It increases brand awareness: Brand awareness leads to trust, which means that the more your brand is recognised, the more successful your brand or business will be. Brand awareness aids in the acquisition of new customers and familiarization with your products and services.

Biggest branding trends for 2023


Brands must develop in order to reflect evolving consumer wants, industry trends, and corporate success. Keeping an eye on current branding trends is a wonderful approach to keep your brand and visual design fresh, entertaining, and engaging in order to retain customers loyal to your products or services. So, here are the top branding trends we at DME are predicting for the year 2023.

The influence of Pop culture

In today’s world, brands are essentially content creators. So, if something is trending on social media, it’s crucial to get in on the action. From TikTok challenges to the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, companies and influencers join in their desire to celebrate pop culture. We will see a reflection of design and branding based on those trends, whether they are influenced by a specific social media trend or a popular TV series.

Brands that have been humanized

Authenticity is vital for firms that want to connect with customers online, and many businesses utilize low-fi and handcrafted designs, as well as honest, thought-provoking content, to develop trust. Several organizations decided in 2022 to base their brand identities on more handcrafted, human elements. A humanized brand frequently portrays a nice, unpretentious corporation whose products are made by human hands

Typography of Statements

This next trend is ideal for giving your words additional weight. The obsession with basic sans-serif typography is giving way to statement typography, with many designers choosing colorful and quirky fonts to help their work stand out. With so many firms opting for basic swiss san-serif font recently, designers are now leaning into more typographic flourishes to differentiate brands.

Logo Animations

The move to video-based content has altered the power of traditional branding. Animation is a unique approach for brands to convey their story and stand out from the crowd, allowing marketers to package a brand’s message into a compact, engaging, and amusing narrative that will keep in consumers’ minds like a static image cannot. Animated brand logos convey personality.

Extending design boundaries

Anti-design has made a comeback. It defies all expectations, from print design to digital branding. This analogue branding style stems back to 90s design conventions, adopting an anything-goes aesthetic. Designers are making big decisions and going against the status quo as they include innovative formats into their work as more brands want to give something unique.

Powerful use of color

Brands will want to link their visual identity with specific hues in order to increase brand identification. Consider the renowned Tiffany blue or the McDonald’s red-and-yellow. Brands can spread their sales message with these customized Instagram Stories centered on the effective use of color. Alternatively, they can also keep to a single shade that carries a significant punch.

Daring nostalgia

that a brand remains ageless over time.The benefits of nostalgia are obvious – it’s a technique that allows brands to express themselves in an engaging, bright way while appealing to their customers’ heartstrings and memories. Whether it’s psychedelic patterns, layered 3D text, or retro color palettes, we’ll see design and branding move back in time, in contrast to the recent minimalist trend. Daring nostalgia is an interesting, bold, and lively method to communicate a brand or business. The trick is to ensure


That concludes our look at the branding trends for 2023! If you are ready to give your identity a facelift, DME has everything you need to streamline your designs and produce flawless branding, from images and templates to fonts and add-ons.



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