Case Study: Transforming Training Institute’s Digital Presence and Lead Generation Strategy

Case Study Transforming Training Institute's Digital Presence and Lead Generation Strategy
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Target Location- Globally

Client Background:

The client was a prominent training institute offering a wide range of courses both online and offline to students worldwide. Despite its global presence, the institute faced several challenges including:

  • Lack of digital presence
  • Inadequate lead generation
  • Strategy lacking substance

End-to-End Accelerated Strategy:

The training institute partnered with us to create an end-to-end accelerated strategy that would address their challenges and boost their digital presence. The strategy included the following key components:

  1. Comprehensive Social Media Revamp: We revamped the institute’s social media profiles, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. High-end creative content was developed to engage the audience visually and emotionally. This content showcased success stories, and course highlights, aiming to connect with the audience on a personal level.
  2. Content Strategy: A content strategy was developed to provide valuable educational content related to the courses offered. This content was designed to position the institute as an industry thought leader, thereby increasing credibility and trust among potential students.
    Consistent branding elements, such as colors, fonts, and logos, were used to create a recognizable brand presence.
  3. Viewer Engagement: We focused on increasing viewer engagement on social media platforms for brand awareness. We used interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and live sessions to foster a sense of community and keep the audience engaged.
  4. Website Optimization: The institute’s website underwent optimization to improve user experience and make it more attractive to visitors. Clear calls to action were placed strategically to guide visitors towards the enrollment process. We focused on daily keyword analysis to improve website ranking.

Overall Results:

After implementing the end-to-end accelerated strategy over a span of 45 days, the training institute witnessed remarkable improvements:

Increased Viewership: The viewer count on social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, tripled from 30 to 90, indicating a significant boost in engagement.

Website Traffic: The institute experienced a 2X increase in website visitors, indicating that the digital efforts were driving more traffic to the website.

Enhanced Branding: The consistent branding efforts on Facebook and Instagram resulted in a stronger and more recognizable brand identity.

Lead Generation: During the initial 45 days, the institute generated 7-11 leads through Facebook and Instagram. This indicated a positive shift in their lead generation strategy.

Google Search Ad: Apart from social media we focused on google search ads for leads. Training Institute decided to revamp its Google Search advertising strategy. The following steps were taken to improve the effectiveness of their ad campaign:

  1. Keyword Research: The institute conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords that potential students might use when searching for courses online and offline.
  2. Ad Copy Optimization: The ad copy was revamped to be more concise, engaging, and tailored to the specific benefits of their courses. It highlighted key features, such as course content, global accessibility, and the institute’s reputation.
  3. Landing Page Improvement: The landing page that users were directed to after clicking the ad was optimized. It ensured a clear and direct connection between the ad’s content and the landing page, providing a seamless user experience.
  4. Ad Extensions: Various ad extensions were utilized to provide additional information and call-to-action buttons directly in the ad. This included site link extensions to showcase specific course categories and callout extensions to emphasize unique selling points.
  5. A/B Testing: Different ad variations were tested to identify which headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action resonated most with the audience. This helped refine the ad copy over time.

Google Ad Results:

After implementing the revised Google Search advertising strategy for a period of 45 days, the institute experienced a 2X increase in leads. The training institute observed these positive outcomes:

  • Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR): The optimized ad copies and extensions led to an increase in CTR, indicating that the ads were attracting more clicks from interested users.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: The redesigned landing page, aligned with the ad’s messaging, contributed to a higher conversion rate. Users who clicked on the ads were more likely to take the desired actions, such as signing up for courses or requesting more information.
  • Better Return on Investment (ROI): The combination of higher CTR and conversion rates resulted in an improved ROI for the ad campaign. The institute was getting more value out of their advertising budget.
  • Increased Enrollment: The training institute experienced an increase in enrollments for both online and offline courses during the 45-day period. The ads effectively communicated the institute’s offerings and benefits, leading to more students joining their courses.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The consistent presence of the institute’s ads in relevant search results helped improve brand recognition among their target audience.

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