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Take good care of the people, they’ll take good care of the customer, and the customer will come back.” – J.W. Marriot, Jr

We at Digital MarkEthics genuinely believe it! We believe that our people are our real #strength and for that, we walk extra miles and follow work-from-home best practices. 

Digital MarkEthics was started during a turmoil time. During the Pandemic; when everything went topsy-turvy; we thought to initiate our journey. In that phase of the ‘New Normal,’ we embraced the work-from-home culture. 

Why Do We Prefer to Work From Home?

As a company, we believe to deliver the best, ethical, and up-to-date service to our esteemed clients. India as the most popular country is the house of leading talents in the IT industry as well. And these talents are disseminated across this country. 

Digital MarkEthics or DME is aware of this fact. So, we have spread our wings and welcomed the best and rawest talents to our team who can work at their comfort. 

How do we manage the work-from-home practice?

While working from home, we ensure to follow the best work ethics to fulfil our duty to the best. At DME, we make sure that every project gets the required attention to fulfil all the promises we make at the initial stage. 

On the other hand, the management allows complete flexibility to the team members so that they can dedicatedly work without any worry. 

Every day, the office hour starts with a daily stand-up call where all team members share their daily to-do list, ideas, challenges they are facing, progress on each project, and many other things. This virtual workspace helps the members to bond with each other unless it will be difficult for any company to meet the deadline and complete any project with success. 

What are the USPs of Virtual Workspace in Digital MarkEthics?

We at Digital MarkEthics primarily focus on an ethical approach toward work and this is applied to our team members as well. We follow utmost transparency in our work process and treat everyone equally. 

We believe in working as a team and support each other closely. According to Mr. Pankaj Rawat, the Team Lead at DME; “A very few Digital Marketing agencies that provide such a type of freedom to work in all verticals of Digital Marketing. There is a lot of opportunity to learn and grow for everyone in Digital MarkEthics. The leadership team is very supportive, leads, and guides from the front. Nice place to work.”   

The management of DME has a positive approach that reflects the complete workflow of the company. Navanita Biswas, the Project Manager of DME said; “Digital MarkEthics is an amazing place to work as you get to learn and grow in your career. Management is always supportive to listen and understand new ideas. Working with Digital MarkEhics will give you a scope to maintain a good balance between work and life.”

Though all the team members work remotely; they never feel disconnected. Pranali Shendge, the web developer who stays in Puna enjoys her creative space to think critically or execute her responsibility. She said, “DME helps me to grow as a professional. I never feel any challenge working remotely, rather I have complete flexibility to complete my project within the deadline.”

When everyone in the company is happy and satisfied; the projects are completed faster and in a hassle-free manner. This positive atmosphere helps to increase productivity at work. 

Amazing Workplace® Achievement:

Recently, Digital MarkEthics was recognized by Amazing Workplace® for ‘Work from Home Best Practices for 2022-23 through the 9 Pillar Framework’. According to Ekta Capoor, Director & Co-founder, of Amazing Workplace® “I congratulate the Digital MarkEthics team for genuinely taking care of their people by providing a flexible, transparent, and psychologically safe work environment in a remote set-up.”

The work culture of Digital MarkEthics justifies the recognition completely. Saurabh Ganguly, CEO, and Founder of DME said; “We believe that our employees are our biggest assets and we help them by providing the best working environment. We ensure that everyone gets their proper recognition and motivation to grow as a professional as well as a team player. Work-life balance is another important aspect of the work culture at DME. We work as a family, encourage each other to bring out the best within, and grow together.”

In a nutshell:

Finally, we can say that this 15-month-old company that was started in an unrest period of history has achieved quite commendable accomplishments. And we can say that this is only the first chapter of the success story of Digital MarkEthics. Together, we can achieve many more things in the coming days with our dedicated and skilled team members. We will follow the same practice of ethical approach and transparency to motivate, inspire and support each other in this DME family. 


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